Video Marketing

The use of video marketing to get your marketing message seen and heard across the Internet, is now recognized as one of the most cost effective ways of increasing brand and product awareness. Prospect buyers who use the Internet to educate themselves on products and services they are considering purchasing, want to see what your company has to offer and experience a more personal interaction with your company, without necessarily having to visit your office or store. And the best way to do this? Video marketing!

Video marketing is now a key tool for local businesses that want to integrate digital marketing into their overall strategy.

Today’s audiences and prospective clients are more empowered than they have ever been. A dense jungle of online platforms allows Internet users to be part of communities, engage with their chosen interest groups and potentially influence the success or failure of a brand, product, service or show. Faster communication means that ideas are exchanged and trends developed at an ever-accelerating pace.

So exactly why should your business be using video marketing?

Video Marketing leverages all aspects of great online performance

  • Website visitors are looking for good quality, relevant and engaging content. Videos stimulate more senses than text and images alone, and when produced correctly, videos can engage with your website visitors, and stimulate them to respond to your calls to action.
  • Advertising videos can be enticing, create interest and curiosity, and the more successful ones have a viral effect and are shared amongst many people. Empower your audience to become your brands ambassadors by sharing your marketing videos with their family and friends on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Search engines like Google love video! It is far easier to rank a brand new video on Google than it is to take a new page with over a thousand words and to get that to rank on page 1. Create your videos for targeted audiences and rank them on Google for specific keywords.

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